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Dottera Pro

Thank you for coming to Doterra.Pro.

The following is a conversation that I had about two years ago with my friend Doug.  Doug is my sponsor and recruited me to become a Doterra Wellness Advocate.



Myself and the individuals that are on the Doterra.Pro team are Independent Product Consultant’s of Doterra Essential Oils, and this site is NOT an official Doterra site.  This site is exlusively for  members of my team.  You must be in the genealogy, or downline, of  Steven Miller http://www.doterra.myvoffice.com/126467  to be a member of the Doterra Pro Team.

Doterra Pro

Hi, my name is Steve Miller, and I am very exited to introduce you to the Doterra.

As you can see, this is a brand new team, and we are very excited about utilizing tools and technology to grow the Doterra business for hundreds, and even thousands of individuals and families that enjoy and benefit from essential oils and other wonderful household and health related products that Doterra has to offer.

As you look around, you will see that Doterra is very quickly developing into a hub for the benefit of the “Doterra.Pro” members.

Here are a few of the benefits of joining the Doterra Pro Team:

  • You may not realize it yet if you do not understand the Doterra compensation structure, but if you join Doterra and the Doterra Pro Team, you will come to find that it is more beneficial to develop a “deep” team, rather than a “wide” team.  Because of the compensation design, I am not interested in personally recruiting and signing up a lot of people in a specific territory directly under me. (wide)  I would much prefer to sign up a few people and then help them build their organizations. (deep).  In addition, it will be beneficial for these individuals to take a similar “deep” approach.  Doterra.Pro is designed to build a deep organization.  The benefit is that now the team has a synergistic approach to help individuals “down-line” to be successful.  Frankly it’s a thoughtful approach that Doterra pioneers, designers and leadership have taken which really distinguishes their company.  It’s no longer an “Each person for themselves” approach, but rather a “Help me to help you”. approach.
  • Another amazing benefit: Just as you found this website, I am an experienced and knowledgeable internet marketer, and have set up numerous internet websites designed for the specific purpose of driving QUALIFIED and interested individuals from around the globe to Doterra.Pro with the sole intent of building a lead generation system that will energize people from around the world and help them build successful and profitable home based businesses specifically targeted to products and services that Doterra offers.  Early in the game, I have seen days where I have driven 40-50-60 or more individuals to my message on a daily basis, and frankly I believe I have just scratched the surface.  I personally believe there will come a day when we have hundreds, maybe even thousands of prospective Doterra Business Builders reading this very message on a daily basis.  If you know anything about statistics, it won’t take long to figure out that I, in conjunction with Doterra Pro team members, are building an automatic business building system for OUR Doterra Pro Team.  In addition, I perceive that these websites will be generating leads for our team for many years to come.
  • Because the website is still in development because it is so new, you will quickly find that many states, and countries websites have not yet been developed.  It’s also because I do not have leaders in these areas yet.  The vision of Doterra.Pro is for each specific territory to have a territory leadership team.
  • Let’s suppose you join the team, you get your own custom website address, you get a few business cards made up, and you begin to make a little money.  Now you might want to “reinvest” in your business.  You want to speed up the traffic to your web page, but are not sure what to do next.  As you may have noticed, this website is a membership website.  Once you join the team, we will give you access to key marketing tips and tricks.  Some are free, some cost a little money, and some are designed to utilize as much as you choose to spend to grow YOUR business.  It will be a platform to share ideas and information about what marketing is the most effective, and which path will help you grow your business the fastest.  We will share the latest tools and knowledge that will help you speed up your path to making money.
  • If you are even remotely considering joining Doterra, I would sprint to “Join” Doterra.  You have a couple of options at this point. You can check your territory and join a person in your area.  If there is not a person in your area, I personally would jump on it ASAP by being the first to join at the following link: http://www.doterra.myvoffice.com/126467/.   Click “Join” in the top right hand corner of the page.  Select your Country and select the radio button that reads “Join as a New Independent Product Consultant”.  The next page should be populated with my IPC number 126467.  If it is not, type it in under both Enroller ID and Sponsor ID.  Look, if you have a little money, I would recommend buying a starter kit like the Family Physician Kit in order to start an introduction into the products.  Ideally you would set up a systematic auto-ship  program of at least $100 a month, but preferably $150 a month.  If you are like a lot of people out there, and money is tight, I get it.  You do not have to auto enroll, and you are NOT required to buy products, BUT it is imperitive that you understand before joining that in order to trigger a commission, you need to spend at least $100 a month.
  • I’m sure you have many questions.  I had a lot of questions, and still have many more.
  • Lastly, the two most important thing you can do when joining a network marketing organization has two parts.
  1. Join the right Team.  Anyone that has had any experience with building a business has to agree that joining the right team makes a world of difference. It is probably the greatest determinant as to whether you may succeed or fail at building a profitable business and consequent income.  The last  thing that you want to do is to try and do it alone.  Join our team, and enjoy all of the benefits that I have outlined above.
  2. Systems.  Look, this system is BRAND NEW.  It is in a very very early stage, but I personally think it’s an INCREDIBLE opportunity for you, right here and right now.  The system has been built for you, and all you have to do is plug-in.  Other teams charge their members for automated systems, but my plan is to do it for free now, and keep it free in the future, not only for you, but for the people that you recruit to our team.  Also, I have yet to find a system designed like this one, geographically.  I also have yet to find one that is built to generate messaging to dozens of qualified prospects on a daily basis for the entire organization to share.

There are a couple of types of people.  Doers and watchers.  Doers take calculated risks.  They are analytical and thoughtful.  They appreciate that anything of value does not come cheap or easy.

Watchers are afraid.  They are afraid of what others might think. They are afraid that the product won’t work.  They are afraid that they may fail.  They are afraid that they could lose some money.

Our team is looking for the Doers.  We want people with maturity and wisdom and determination and motivation to do the hard thing and start.

Do not be the person that looks back in a year or two when Doterra.Pro has hundreds of team-members all around the world with hundreds of people that are living the dream and choosing to live life on their own terms and say, “I could have been on of the first members of the Doterra Pro team, but I decided not to do it.  I thought I would play it safe and wait and see what happened before I jumped in.”  Well, I’m here to tell you that the list of people that succeed by playing it safe is a short list.  Sometimes you gotta go out on a limb and make the leap.Ask yourself the question that I asked myself.  What do I have to win? What do I have to lose?

Hope to see you soon.


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